In Light, I release all stress, tension, pressure, fears, frustrations, and negative energy out of my mind, spirit, and entire being. I open myself to receive light, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of that which needs to be revealed to me for healing, balance, and well-being. I accept.
— Skyy Indigo
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Restore your balance Naturally

The greatest healing tools come from earth in its natural form. When we allow ourselves to become attuned to Earth's frequencies through natural elements, It helps us to align our spiritual higher energies within our physical bodies. Spiritual wellness is the way each one of us experiences the world. Its degree of health affects our peace of mind and understanding of ourselves and our connection to everything around us. True wellness begins with self-healing of the mind and knowing we have the power to do so. When emotions are balanced, it opens the channel for one to receive light, understanding, wisdom, and healing on so many levels. Natural products created with healing intentions, can raise your vibration and assist you with your personal journey towards balance. Skyy Crystals is rooted in being a gift to your healing.



Crystal Jewelry

Choose from a selection of handcrafted crystal jewelry. Neckaces, rings, copper bangles, bead bracelets and more. Even custom order for a particular crystal that fits your needs.

Essential Oil Products

Essential oils work much the same way crystals do as they go hand in hand with healing on all levels of being. From calming the mind and emotional uplift to boosting immunity these crystal infused products come in handy during times of need. All products are 100% natural and vegan safe. Click here to see sprays, body oils, sage and more.

Yoni Eggs

The magic of the Yoni. So what exactly are Yoni Eggs and what are they used for? How will I know which one to choose that is right for my energy and healing needs? Learn what these beautiful crystals are and how they can benefit your mental, physical and spiritual being.

Take a Chakra Test and have a custom necklace made to balance chakras that are out of balance. After you have taken your test, email skyycrystals@gmail.com your results and we can start the process of helping you choose the best crystals that resonate with your balancing needs. 



How does it all work?



Crystals consist of energy, frequencies, and atoms just as the body does. I like to call crystals the "physical manifestation of chakra energy". Everything  is about energy and the frequencies they emit...


There are 7 major chakras in the body that have their own color, frequency, sound, and location that play an important role in our spiritual, mental, and physical health...


Metals are conductors of energy. Copper is the best conductor of all the metals. Copper opens and channels the flow of energy and allows the energy of the crystals and the body to easy flow through it...