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Spiritual House Cleansings

Are you are looking to bring your household back to balance and a place of peace? A spiritual house energy cleansing can clear your home of stagnant, stress and negative energy. Click below to learn more.

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Get to the Root.

To truly heal from things you are suffering from, you have to get to the very root of the issue. You have to go to the depths of your subconscious, sometimes visiting painful places, to find out why you keep repeating the cycles you are desperately trying to heal from. Pain is inevitable and necessary for growth. Rather than fear it, allow it in so it teaches you a lesson rather than hurt you. In the root is where you will find your answers.

Accountability is your truth. It is being able to be honest with yourself about your why you are suffering and realizing you have the power to control your emotions and the outcome of your life. It’s being responsible, even in asking yourself why you allowed someone else’s behaviors and emotions effect you to be out of balance or not listen to your intuitions. It is easy to put the blame on someone else for why you are hurting, however to do so subconsciously makes you look for someone else to solve the issue. This thinking places you in a seat of powerlessness, essentially begging the next person not to hurt you, thus repeating the cycle. People are human and can do no more than what they know or allow themselves to do. It is our expectations of them that causes us pain. Accept that you somehow created those expectations (or fairytales) and learn to let them go. Become the victor, not the victim. It is through accountability that you can heal.


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