My name is Skyy Iyahdae Indigo (pronounced EYE-uh-day) and I am the owner, heart, and spirit behind Skyy Crystals. My love for crystals began early on as a young girl and my love for being outdoors. I used to find various rocks and keep them and was intrigued with where they came from and what they were. Years later in college, I was exposed to jewelry and wire making and looking for crystals became a soothing hobby. However, after years of different paths that had separated me from going further with it at the time, I was called back to these natural healing elements at a time I was searching and needing healing the most. I began learning in detail what each crystal meant. I became more in tuned to their energy and one thing spread to another. I then learned about chakras and sound vibrations to essential oils, how it's all linked, and has secret properties to assist with bringing myself (and others) back to balance and peace of mind. I started to see the direct connection to chakras and things that had happened in my life and it also gave me a deeper understanding of other people, including those I allowed to hurt me. I did a lot of digging taking accountability for not understanding ways in which my subconscious was ruling my life and I began to take control of the one thing I could-MYSELF. I realized if I wanted to heal, I had to do it myself. That the only person who was going to save me was myself. I reached out to the earth, what the creator made tangible to help me to do so. My products are what I believe in and most all were created to solve some sort of problem or issue that I myself was struggling with. So as I found a solution, I decided to share that with other people. I love to see others heal themselves and if I can be of some assistance in the growth process then I feel fulfilled in my life's purpose.

     I do not consider myself to be a business that keeps up with the worlds expectations on how to run business. I create as energy comes to me and I value my connection with my higher self. I meet people as I and they both need and the energy is ready. There's no race to make a million sales a day as I truly enjoy the process of my being an artist and having the freedom to create as it comes. If you have the opportunity to do what you love in life without any restrictions and it benefits you and others, that's a very fortunate place to be and I don't take that for granted. I do as I feel and allow things to come from my heart and I believe that's what makes my art valuable. That is what I want people to experience-my heart. It's too much going on in this world to not want to be at least the light in it. Love and vibrate higher.