The Power of Crystals

Crystals are what I like to call the spiritual and physical manifestation of our chakras in pure form. They hold energy and vibration that resonates with a chakra, sometimes many, that call the attention of the chakra that needs healing. If you break everything down to a level of just atoms and energy, the atoms of crystals form together much like different organs of our body. The same way our body uses certain energy and elements to form a heart, kidney, or lung, it is the same with crystals. As they grow from the earth, they inhabit the earth's energy and also that of our surrounding celestial bodies; the sun, the moon, and our planets, in the same manner that these celestial bodies influence our energy. Everything vibrates on a frequency, because atoms, energy is always moving. When energy is no longer moving or cease to hold the Universal Life Force, it dies and transforms into a different state. Therefore energy is never destroyed, it is only transformed. 

How do crystals work? Here's a simple explanation:

The energy that a crystal carries resonate with other frequencies. Say for instance you put a crystal in the water and the energy of the crystal represented a color such as purple. The water is clear before you put the crystal in and when placed in the water begins to turn the water purple. That is how it carries out the vibration. It puts things on the same frequency that it is on. So it's not mystical or “spook” but an actual science.

Crystals collect different properties of the earth and depending on how the crystal grew and it's surroundings will determine it's physical look and frequency. They will be different in composition, hardness, and color. Colors are determined by different wavelengths with the longest (slower) being red and the shortest (fastest) being violet in terms of the Visible Light Spectrum. Chakras vibrate on colors in the same wavelength as well with the root chakra being red, slower vibration, to violet, the fastest moving vibration. White is a combination of all colors on the visible light spectrum, which is also why the crown chakra can be white as well. Because the energy of the crystal is a constant vibration, to where ours fluctuate, they possess the strength to resonate an object to its frequency. Crystals radiate pure raw energy. Knowing the colors of the chakras and crystals will help you to quickly identify what crystal works with what chakra.

Skyy Iyahdae IndigoComment