The not so acceptable feelings about death.


Death brings about a range of emotions, if not all of them, and it is important in healing to accept AND release those emotions. One thing people tend to hold on to is guilt. Guilt for not having called or visited. Guilt from feeling like you could have done more or did things differently. Even guilt from a feeling of relief when the overwhelming responsibilities of taking care of someone is no longer there. It's ok to accept those feelings. However, drowning yourself in guilt, in one way, can be a form of self-punishment because- people take death just that hard. Guilt can occur from feeling bad about moving on, so we allow ourselves to relive painful moments. And then there is the guilt from the need to admit any of the former. Cycles and cycles of guilt until you are so bogged down and depressed you can't shake it.

It is important to know-when it is a person's time, it is their time. Had they've meant to be saved, the universe would have guided you to them at the very instant they needed to be prevented of such fate. The universe would have intervened just as it has intervened for those living on an "oh my gawd I could have died" situation we've all experienced at some time in our lives. I myself have experienced near misses with death, to be thankful today that it was not my time. No one knows the exact hour or time when someone will transition. We all hope for the best. Even for those who are sick, we carry on life as if things will get better, especially if we feel there is an inkling of hope. If we knew the exact day and time, we would have done things differently. We would have made them put out that cigarette, or stay at home and not drive anywhere, if we'd have known. You cannot blame yourself for the things you have no control over and what the universe allowed to happen at its own timing. So stop saying-if only I or I wish I had or its my fault because. Unless you deliberately did something to cause someone's demise, then the fault doesn't lie in your hands.

Next there is anger. Anger stemming from the root of self. "Why did they leave ME". "Why did God do this to ME". Even in suicide deaths, anger fueled with guilt is a downward spiral. It blinds you from finding the small light of empathy. You never know what brought someone to the point of wanting to end their own life, or not care to sustain it. Anger keeps you from seeing or understanding. It's wanting to hold on to the attachment of a person. It's wanting to deflect something hurting you so bad that you blame it on everything else, anything else to try and justify the pain you feel, thinking it will make you feel better. This is where families point the blame, fall apart, causing yet more pain to those already hurting. The anger overrides the sense of compassion. -Anger always overrides compassion. It blinds us to understanding the situation for what it truly is.

People are not ours. They do not belong to us, they are simply here on a journey. Everyone has their own journey. Their own beginning. Their own end. How we choose to be a part of that upon crossing paths is up to the daily choices we make. Because we do not know when death will come, when it is time for a soul to transition out of this earthbound shell, do your best to find peace or be at peace with everyone in your life, no matter how much push through it takes. Search for the answers to help you detach from anger and guilt and release them. Do not take advantage of LIFE. Do not take someone else's time here for granted if you love them. Life may not happen as WE plan it. We plan to keep those around that we love, and it is our attachment to OUR plans that causes us to suffer. Whatever you call your higher power, the Universe (God) is where we came from and it is the Universe (God) that we shall return as the Universe sees fit. Be open to receive answers of enlightenment to help you move forward. Life will go on, with or without you. And the things that you learn, make sure you pass them to someone else to help them cope.

Chakras that often need the most healing from death experiences are the throat and heart chakras. Any closed chakra can affect the health of any other chakra. A good crystal to use in such a situation is Chevron Amethyst or Amethyst. Amethyst helps to overcome loss, grief, and depression. It also assists one to be open to their higher consciousness and stop habit forming addictions such as drinking, smoking, drug use, etc which are common vices for dealing with grief. It also aides sleep for those who have trouble falling asleep from overwhelming emotions. Another good Crystal is Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is excellent for healing deep hearted emotional wounds. It helps us to be open, forgiving, and compassionate. It opens one up to love, to give and to receive. To learn more about chakras and these crystals and others that resonate with helping through guilt and grief, please visit my website at