A moment in truth

   Artwork by Keef Cross  www.keefcross.com  and  www.dayblackcomic.com

Artwork by Keef Cross www.keefcross.com and www.dayblackcomic.com

    That moment when you open your eyes to everything and finally see the truth for what it is. You finally get it. The only way to do that is to take responsibility for what you allowed someone to do and without blame, you see and correct your patterns. Nothing ever happens in vain. More than likely the person you meet is a reflection or a continuing cycle of the lesson you need to learn or heal from. Analyze everything and everyone that has had a significance to you in your life and see how your current situation adds up to something that may have hurt you in your past. If you can face up to it, own it and let it go, you have won the battle. The only battle is with yourself. No one else. Yourself. Don't let your past self defeat your present self to keep you from meeting your current and future power. You are powerful. Know that. You are powerful to defeat and overcome anything or anyone that is trying to hold you down. And it's not even them holding you down. It's yourself. Own up to you and your reasons for being where you are. Create your own happiness. Live the life you want. Not what someone else tells you to do or be. Live beyond the limitations of others minds and thoughts of you. Then you will be great. Then you will find your peace.

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