These body oils are 100% natural made of therapeutic grade essential oils and infused with resonting crystals to assist the body and mind in healing. Essential oils carry many benefits including mood enhancement, depression relief, and immune support. For more information about a particular essential oil visit


Attraction Oil

Attraction oil was created for major heart chakra healing. A beautiful blend of Bulgarian Rose and Jasmine give a flowery yet soft velvety scent. Infused with crystals Rose Quartz, Lodestone, and Garnet, all the elements combined will help to lift your energy, open you to loving yourself and others, and attract to you what your heart desires. 

Chakra Oils

Crystal infused chakra oils are a combination of essential oils and crystals that resonate with the specific chakra to help bring the chakra and body into balance while benefiting from the healing properties of absorbing the essential oils into the skin. Aromathrapy is uplifting and can combat depression, feeling down, moody, or upset in anyway. A balanced chakra system equals a balanced and healthy mind, body, and spirit. Click the link to learn more about each chakra oil and/or to purchase.


Blossom crystal infused mood support was made specifically to lift one out of negative thought patterns and depression of all sorts including postpartum depression. The fresh aroma of Jasmine and Orange essential oils quicky enhances moods to positive vibrations and can be used daily as a body fragrance. Pink Tourmaline has the potential to heal emotional wounds and helps to calm and soothe the heart. 



Crystal infused Calm oil is formulated to help with relaxation and sleep. With a blend of lavender and chamomile sedative essential oils, this can be use during times of stress, to calm emotions, and can be applied behind the ear and on wrists to help with sleep. Crystal infused with Amethyst and Fluorite will assist this oil in calming the energy and activating pineal energies.


Relief 10+ & Relief K

Specially made for prtection from cold and flu season, Relief 10+ and Relief K are made of essential oils known to help support the immune system from nasty cold germs. Relief 10+ is for children ages 10 to adults while Relief K is specially made for Children ages 9 and under.