Chakra Reading

Chakra Reading

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Chakra reading consultations are meant to get to the root of suffering and blockages, and to help you face your personal truth to begin your journey to self-healing. In your reading we will touch on things that will enlighten you to things dormant in your subconscious. Healing is not easy at first, just as a seed struggles to break free beneath the ground, we have the same process. However, when you face your truth and see your reflection, things begin to smooth themselves out and you can begin to see who you truly are. All that is asked is that you remain open, open-minded, and ready to dig deep within yourself to clear the poisons that may be blocking your path and things you were not previously ready for because of it. The decision to heal is purely your choice. That is your first power.

  • Please be sure to speak with Skyy about a time and date for your reading before booking.

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Chakra readings can be done in person or over the phone. There is an additional $3 charge that applies toward shipping to receive your bath cleansing tea package that is included with your session. For in person consultations, you will receive them in hand.