Crystals consist of energy, frequencies, and atoms just as the body does. I like to call crystals the "physical manifestation of chakra energy". Even the earth has its own chakras. Everything is about energy and the frequencies they emit. Crystals emit frequencies that call on the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of a being. They work by resonating surrounding energies to match its own. They can be used to balance, cleanse, connect to chakras and the divine, and align us with the our intent of use. The power of crystals is endless. 

This is a list of commonly used crystals arranged by chakra vibration. Click on the crystal name to find out its properties. Some crystals resonate with more than one chakra. For an A-Z list click here.

All Chakras

Shiva Lingam, Howlite, Clear Quartz, Herkimers Diamond, Moldavite

Solar Plexus Crystals:

Citrine, Tiger's Eye, Rutilated Quartz, Ametrine