Requirements for Custom Orders

  1. To inquire about custom orders, or to have your personal crystals wrapped, email

  2. Include pictures (if any), type of jewelry, metal, crystal of desired custom piece and length of necklace. For amulets, name the desired properties you would like the crystals to present and/or take a chakra test and send a screenshot/photo of your results. For your own crystals, send a photo with a coin beside your crystal to show relative size.

  3. All jewelry must be paid for at time of order to be made. Payment arrangements can be made. 50% of your order must be paid at time of order and the remainder when finished before shipping. If ordering metal other than copper, the cost of the metal must be included and paid for in full to be ordered. Any orders not paid for within 30 days will be issued a 25% refund of deposit, excluding the cost of metal, and the order will be placed on the website for sale. Any order can be 100% paid for at the time of order. If you have sent your own crystal, it will only be mailed out once full payment has been made and WILL NOT be resold.

  4. Payments will be sent by invoice. Shipping charges will be added.

  5. Custom orders may take anywhere from 7-14 days to be completed. Once completed you will be notified and a picture will be sent to you of the finished product.

  6. All custom orders are freestyled and created with love and intentions of healing. Each piece is a creative unique form of art.