Grounding: Root Chakra Oil

Grounding: Root Chakra Oil

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Grounding Root Chakra Oil has an earthy musk scent and helps to balance the root chakra. Use this chakra oil when you:

  • feel fearful
  • spacey or loopy
  • feel insecure
  • need to feel present in the hear and now
  • feel disconnected
  • need to focus
  • feel angry, aggressive, or annoyed 
  • attached to material things
  • feel depressed
  • need to feel balanced and connected with the earth
  • need to clear your mind

Available in a 10ml roll-on bottle with stainless steel ball, 3ml roller or a 1ml sample.

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Grounding Root Chakra oil is a blend of earth and wood scented essential oils and is infused with red jasper and black tourmaline that resonate with the root chakra and help bring it back to balance.  A balanced root chakra can help one get a grip on fears and feel more present and aware within the body.  Click here to read more about the root chakra.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy