Passion: Sacral Chakra Oil

Passion: Sacral Chakra Oil

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Passion Sacral Chakra Oil has a rich sensual floral scent and helps to bring the sacral chakra into balance. Use this chakra oil when you:

  • feel over-emotional
  • feel emotionally unattached, distant, or cold
  • feel too emotionally attached or clingy
  • need to boost creativity
  • want to boost you or partner's connectiveness and intimacy
  • want to feel confident 
  • want to feel pleasure, joy, and abundance
  • feel good about your sexuality

Available in 10ml abd 3ml roll-on bottles with stainless steel ball, or a 1ml sample.

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Passion (Sacral Chakra Oil w/Carnelian) A sensual and refreshing blend of Ylang Ylang, Orange, and Sandlewood to stimulate passion and creativity associated with the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra when balanced allows our emotions to flow freely without being over-emotional. Your energy radiates warmth and friendliness to others. This combination helps to brighten spirits yet calming enough to soothe one's energy.  Infused with the crystal healing energies of Carnelian, it enhances love, passion, and desire. This stone helps to ground and anchor one in the present reality. It's high energy helps to restore lost vitality and motivation. Carnelian stimulates creativity for new pursuits and promotes positive life choices. It is a powerful protector against envy, rage, and resentment, your own or others. It banishes emotional negativity, replacing it with the love of life. Use this chakra oil when you want to feel strong in your originality and need to feel confident in your creative energy and sexuality. Use in meditation or everyday use to help bring the sacral chakra into balance. Click here to read more about the sacral chakra.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy