The foot chakras are just as important as the other chakras and their health is beneficial to how we recieve and release energy. They connect you to the earth and help you stay grounded. It is through the foot chakra that you recieve energy from the earth and also the point of where the energy from the body is released back into the earth. The foot chakras do not carry a particular color but have been associated with earth tone colors such brown and deep tone reds because of their low energetic vibration. They are located in the sole of each foot and work in combination with the root chakra, along with the other chakras, to give way for the foundation of our physical existence.When healthy and functioning properly they keep the flow of energy to keep us connected to the earth's frequencies. You are able to receive the wisdom from the earth and that energy resonates throught the rest of your body. The root chakras can be compared to the roots of a tree firmly implanted in mother earth absorbing the communication of energy to grow. 

When the foot chakra is closed or out of balance, it's like having energy swirling around in your body with an ineffective release point. You tend to feel disoriented, disconnected, and spaced out. With a mind full of ideas, you find it hard to make decisions and finish things out to completion. You may feel exhausted all the time, even after a good nights rest. You have a hard time holding on to energy healing, and physical wounds may be slow to heal. You tend to feel trapped, stuck in emotion, and feel as if you aren't moving forward. Physically you may experience pain in the legs.

How to Balance

To unblock and activate your foot chakras, there are a few simple things you can do.  One exercise is to stand barefoot on the earth-grass or dirt. Visualize a ball of energy spinning and opening in the soles of your feet. Next, visualize stress, tension, pressure, and fears flowing down out of your body starting from your head and down and out through your feet. You can speak the phrase-"I release all stress, tension, pressure, fears, and frustrations out of my energy and out of my body." You may experience a slight chill or shake which is a good sign that energy is being released. You can also use your hands by raising them above your head, fingers outstretched and open, and slowly bring them down over your body in a smooth swooping motion. When your arms are almost fully extended downward, throw them down in a shaking motion as if your hands were dripping wet, still visualizing energy leaving out of your feet. This is a very effective way to release negative energy out of your body allowing it to be released into and absorbed by the earth. If you cannot get to the earth's bare essentials, you can effectively practice this energy releasing process anywhere thats available. This exercise also allows your crystals to work easier through your body without the interference of excess negative energy.

Another thing you can try is a nice foot bath of epsom salts and crystals that you feel you are drawn to. The energy of the crystals will raise the frequency of the water and resonate with your foot chakras to help balance and open them and release negative energy  and recieve energy that is needed. Foot massages are also a great way to open the foot chakras.