Gift Certificates

Skyy Crystals Gift Certificates are an excellent gifting option when you just aren't sure what to get or when your timing is limited for gift searching. When purchased, your gift certificate is electronically filled out and sent to you via email. A copy will be sent to the giftee by request. You can also choose to have your gift certificate mailed to you or the giftee, which will be printed out on card stock paper. You can choose to have the name filled out for you or left blank for yourself to fill out.  When purchased, a personalized discount code will be electronically printed out on the gift certificate. Gift certificates never expire and may be used at anytime.


**When you select your purchase, you will be prompted to fill out a form for certificate info**

**The entire amount for the gift certificate must be in the cart at checkout to be redeemable. Not to be confused with a gift card. Multiple purchases for the same discount code cannot be applied. Multiple gift certificates can be purchase to use in smaller increments for multiple purchases.**

Gift Certificates
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