In addition to the 7 main chakras there are chakras that reside in the hand. The colors of the hand chakras are red or gold. The hand chakras give and recieve energy with the right (more often) being the giver and releaser of energy and the left being the reciever and accepter of energy. They are located in the palm of the hand and are important and powerful in healing. Any time you use your hands to create you are using the power of the hand chakra. In healing self and others the hand chakras need to be open and healthy. Healers, artists, writers, shamans, and the like appreciate the energy of the hand chakras.

Balanced/Open: When the hand chakra is open you are able to heal yourself and others. You are able to send and recieve energy. Your creativity is enhanced. You are sensitive to the energy of crystals and can feel their vibrations. You also have the ability to charge your crystals. Reiki energy (Universal Life Force) flows freely to and from the hand chakras to your intent. You allow your touch to be healing to others. You understand the balance of giving and recieving.

Underactive: When the hand chakra is underactive or closed it is hard for you to recieve or give anything. You don't accept healing and may refuse to do so. You hestitate to ask others for help. You lack creativity and have a hard time expressing yourself. You may notice that your fists stay balled up or tight. You tend to be closed off and numb. Stopping the flow of accepting and releasing creates stagnant energy which can bring illnesses.

Overactive: If your hand chakras are overactive, you tend to be very touchy. You easy attach yourself to things and are unable to let go. You hold on to a lot of issues. You may always be trying to recieve something without the balance of letting go. You tend to be a shopaholic. Your palms may be itchy or have skin peeling and rashes.

To open and balance the hand chakras, visualize energy balls in the palm of each hand to activate their energy. Rinsing your hands in rock salt such as pink himilayan salt or sea salt help to balance and cleanse these energy centers as well.