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Why get an energy house cleansing?


House energy cleansings (spiritual house cleansings) helps bring balance, positive vibes and high energetic vibrations to your home by clearing out old, stagnant, and negative energies. Clearing out old energies is highly important when you are on a journey to healing and your place of residence is essential to that process. Your body will resonate to the energy around you so the clearer the energy, the more beneficial it will be to your peace of mind.

House cleansings are great for many different situations including:

•Before moving into a new place
•During times of stress or depression 
•When someone leaves or moves out of your home
•Selling a home
•Routine maintenance 
•To create an ambiance of a particular energy needed in your space
• The beginning or end of the month
• Around the time of a full moon 
• And any other times you feel you need a cleansing.

What’s included:

• Positive ion clearing 
• 432hz sound vibration to resonate with the energy you want to reflect the most in your home (options will be discussed and shown at visit)
• smudging (spray “smudging” also offered for people sensitive to smoke)
• energy channeling and more based on individual needs.

Maintenance packages can also be purchased which will include:
•Black tourmaline (protection)
•White sage (loose leaf or spray)
•Pink Himalayan salt

This service is offered to the city of Atlanta and neighboring cities. House cleansings start at $75 (base price, small houses, apartments) and $100 for large homes and businesses. Rountine package prices for cleansings are discounted when scheduled 2-4 times a month. A minimum deposit of $25 is required to schedule. Travel fee is free up to a 25 mile radius. A minimum of $15 will be applied to travel distances over 25 miles and within a reasonable rate to distance. Cleansings are done within 30-60 mins.

Energy house cleansings bring peaceful and calm vibrations into your home.

Energy house cleansings bring peaceful and calm vibrations into your home.