Jewelry Cleaning and Repair

Copper Jewelry can be turned back to it beautiful and glorious state. Skyy Crystals now offers jewelry cleaning and minor repairs for your copper jewelry including bracelet shape repairing, necklace clasps and in major cases, re-wrapping crystals. Don’t let your jewelry sit on the shelf because it no longer looks new! Have it cleaned, fixed and re-energized by the professional!

Email your requests to balance@skyycrystals with your photos, questions and concerns. Silver jewelry is also welcome.

Shipping costs will be included in your total price.

Jewelry Cleaning and Repair Pricing:

  • Small-medium sized copper jewelry: $6 per piece

  • Large copper jewelry: $10 per piece

  • Bracelet reshaping: $5 per piece

  • New clasp: $5

  • Crystal re-wrapping: Price varies. Email with photo for details

  • Link repair: Pricing varies