Our intentions

Knowledge is power


Our Vision

Skyy Crystals vision is to help you start and accelerate on your path to inner healing and create a hunger for nontraditional spiritual knowledge. We aim to educate that you have the power and are in control of your own healing, and suffering can change to a state of happiness through awareness, truth and accountability coupled with earth’s natural healing resources. Our goal to make you feel special and cared for with the uniqueness of each product and crystals that are infused with your personal healing in mind. We want our products to feel like gifts and answers from the universe at the right time when you need it most. With healing intentions, we want to inspire you to be a better person which in turn will make the world a better place.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make unique jewelry with artistic expression and high energetic vibrations and crystal infused products that are highly effective and free from harmful chemicals making it a safe alternative to solve everyday issues. We set out to make people consciously aware of vital life force energies through chakras and how their balance is essential to spiritual, mental and physical health in the easiest understandable way possible.

About the Artist

Skyy Crystals is founded by Nicole Ellis, better known by her spiritual name, Skyy Iyahdae Indigo, who had once reached a broken place, emotionally and spiritually, and was desperate to find ways to heal. She researched natural ways to cure depression and daily ailments which landed her on her journey to crystals, essential oils, herbs, chakras and sound vibrations. Seeing how effective these natural elements are and her compassion for not wanting others to suffer, she used her art talent and intuition to design products to effectively help others as it does for her. Every product created is designed to meet the goals of helping people restore their balance naturally, train their minds to think positively, and become accountable to take healing into their own hands through unconventional yet effective ways. She strongly believes that suffering is a state of mind and in any situation, knowledge and perspective can greatly change the way you experience the time you are granted on earth.