Custom Ankh Necklaces

Custom Ankh Necklaces

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Ankh crystal necklaces are now available for custom order in copper and silver. You will be promted to choose your crystal when you select to add to cart. If you would like a crystal that is not in the options or have a special order, please email me for further custom details and pricing. Each Ankh is handmade, unique and will vary from the pictures shown. Please allow up to a maximum of 3 weeks for your order to be fulfilled.

Crystal choices:

  • Rose Quartz (Heart chakra)- Love, loving self and others, forgiveness, mending broken heart

  • Black Tourmaline (Root Chakra)- Protection from negative energy, help release energy no longer needed, grounding

  • Amethyst (3rd Eye & Crown Chakra)- Increase vibration, calming, peace of mind, release negative energy, lift depression and grief, protection

  • Clear Quartz (All Chakras)- Master crystal, balance all chakras, subconscious clearing, clears negative energy

  • Chrysocolla (Throat (and Heart) Chakras)- For artists, speakers, writers, or those who rely on creative abilities, calming, speak with loving or teaching intent, calms anger

  • Tiger’s Eye (Solar Plexus Chakra)- Balance, confidence, focus and concentration

Each necklace comes with a matching chain of desired length.

Silver is silver-filled wire.

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