Attraction Oil

Attraction Oil

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Attraction Oil is crystal infused with Rose Quartz, Garnet, and Lodestone and has a lovely velvety rose scent. A combination of essential oils with Bulgarian Rose and Jasmine brings about love, passion, and helps you attract what your heart desires. Attraction oil was made for heart chakra healing and also helps you to:

  • open to love self and others

  • purify and open the heart on all levels

  • lift your energy and spirits

  • heal deep emotional wounds

  • bring serenity and passion

  • balance your sex drive

  • alleviate emotional disharmony

  • stabilize intellect to bring inner harmony

  • trust your intuitions

  • soothe feelings of grief, fear, and anger

  • let go of over-attachments

  • help open connections with your partner

Available in 10ml and 3ml roller bottles and 1ml sample size

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This oil can be applied in various areas as you would perfume. For chakra healing, apply the oil in the center of your breast plate, right where the heart chakra resides. Essential oils differ greatly from synthetic perfume, as they provide greater benefits. Apply as desired.

Attraction Oil is charged with Life Force healing energy to amplify its healing abilities for your personal use.

Rose and Jasmine essential oils are known to stimulate the womb and menstrual flow. Do not use if pregnant.