Balancing Chakra Bracelet

Balancing Chakra Bracelet


This all balancing chakra bracelet is a combination of crystals that resonate with each chakra, Red Jasper (Root), Carnelian (Sacral), Tiger's Eye (Solar Plexus), Jade (Heart), Chrysocolla (Throat), Lapis Lazuli (3rd Eye), Amethyst (Crown), and Clear Quartz (All/Enhancer). This bracelet was created to help:

  • Balance all the chakras

  • Bring a sense of calm, peace, and harmony

  • Balance and stabilize the emotions

  • Ease worry and fears

  • Help with focus and concentration

  • Increase creativity

  • Connect to higher self and intuition

  • Help with verbal expression in a healthy and loving way

  • Balance masculine and feminine energies

  • Open the 3rd Eye and intuition

  • Increase vitality

  • Allow the flow of energy throughout the body

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