Chakra Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

Chakra Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets


Chakra Essential Oil Diffuser bracelets are made with natural lava stone that holds the scents of your favorite essential oils. Use together with the Chakra Oils on the resonating crystal by applying a few drops to the lava stone and smell you oils throughout the day.

Lava Stone calms the emotions (lava is hot molten liquid cooled into a stone) Its energy is raw having come from the center of the earth's core and calls us to search deep within our core to shed layers of emotional attachments. Stone of rebirth.

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Root: Red Jasper: Known as the "worry bead". Helps to stimulate strength, courage, energy, stamina, focus, and determination. Provides protection. Stimulates Life Force energy. Supports one through excessive worrying, stress, fears, depression, and aura instabilies.  Can be used with Grounding Chakra Oil

Sacral: Carnelian: Grounds and achors you in the present reality. Restores vitality and motivation and stimulates creativity. Gives courage, promotes positive choices, and instills trust in oneself.  Supports one through abuse of any kind, negative conditioning, anger, envy, rage, resentment, false perceptions, extraneous thinking, mental lethargy. Can be used with Passion Chakra Oil.

Solar Plexus: Tiger's Eye: Grounds and facilitates manifestation of the will. Increases insight and perception. Protects from negative intentions of others. Brings scattered thoughts and information together in a way that makes sense. Balances yin and yang. Supports one through instability, feeling spaced out, pessimism, internal battles and conflicts, jealousy, creativity blockages, addictive personality, self-worth, self-critism, depression. Can be used with Confidence Chakra Oil

Heart: Aventurine: Very positive stone of prosperity. Opens the door for new opportunities. Absorbs electromagnetic smog. Diffuses negative situations and turns them into positive ones. Promotes compassion, empathy and encourages perseverance. Encourages one to view hardships in life as an opportunity for growth in a new direction. Supports one through releasing old patterns, habits, and disappointments, quick tempers, emotional imbalances, nervousness, anger, irritation, emotional wounds, unhealthy relationships, heartache. Can be use with Love Chakra Oil.

Heart: Rose Quartz: Stone of love. Inspires love and forgiveness for self and others. Purifies and opens the heart on all levels. Replaces negative energy with love. Promotes healthy bonds and relationships. Excellent for pregnant and new mothers and babies. Supports one through love lost, grief, deprivation, heartache, deep seated emotional wounds, suffering, unexpressed emotions, self-worthlessness, self-hate, depression, emotional disconnection, internalized pain. Can be used with Love Chakra Oil.

Throat: Aquamarine: Stone of courage. Calming energies help to calm the mind. Clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect, and clears up confusion. Promotes self-expression and clears blocked communication. Sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance. Invokes high states of consciousness and spiritual awareness. Sheilds the aura and aligns the chakras. Supports one through fears especially near water, uneasiness, communication difficulties, stress, overwhelming responsibility, self-defeating habits, extraneous thought, confusion, throat issues. Can be used with Express Chakra Oil

Third-Eye: Lapis Lazuli: Opens the 3rd-Eye. Stimulates enlightenment, truth, and personal and spiritual power. Activates the higher mind and enhances intellectual ability. Harmonizes the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional levels. Encourages creativity through attunement to the source. Helps one to speak and recognize their own truth. Aids in expressing feelings and emotions. Supports one through problem solving, spiritual disconnection, communication fears and blockages, false beliefs, self-awareness, repressed anger, supressed emotions, dishonesty with self or others, psychic attacks, depression. Can be used with Wisdom Chakra Oil.

Crown: Amethyst: One of the most spiritual stones, it helps to connect one to the higher self. Cleanses the aura and absorbs negative energy. Balances and connects the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional planes. Brings tranquility and deeper understanding in meditation. Supports one through fears, anger, grief, dissapointments, anxiety, drug addictions, drunkeness, mental instability, negative energy, deep depression, forgetfulness, lack of motivation, sadness, loss, low vibrational thoughts, insomnia. Can be used with Light Chakra Oil.