Crystal Infused Chakra Oil Set

Crystal Infused Chakra Oil Set

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Cystal Infused chakra oil set contains perfectly blended 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils for each individual chakra infused with the resonating crystal. Chakra oils are great to wear to help bring one to balance and in touch with the appropriate chakra. Use in meditation or everyday wear. Essential oils are blended in jojoba oil to safely use on the skin.

Chakra oils are not recommended for use if pregnant as some essential oils stimulate the womb.

Available in a 10ml Roll-on bottle with a stainless steel ball, or 1ml sampler set.

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Grounding (Root Chakra Oil w/ Red Jasper and Black Tourmaline)

Passion (Sacral Chakra Oil w/Carnelian) 

Creativity (Solar Plexus Chakra Oil w/ Citrine) 

Love (Heart Chakra Oil w/Rose Quartz & Prehnite

Express (Throat Chakra Oil w/Aquamarine & Blue Lace Agate

Wisdom (Third Eye Chakra Oil w/Lapis Lazuli & Amethyst

Light (Crown Chakra Oil w/Amethyst & Clear Quartz)