Crystal Infused Chakra Oil 1ml Set

Crystal Infused Chakra Oil 1ml Set


Crystal Infused Chakra Oils are 100% therapeutic grade essential oil blends for each individual chakra infused with crystals to resonate with the appropiate chakra. When needed, use a perfume oil to help you balance, release fears, feel more confident, calm erratic emotions and so much more.

Now available in 1ml clear roller bottles for easier application!

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Grounding (Root Chakra Oil w/ Red Jasper and Black Toumaline)

Passion (Sacral Chakra Oil w/Carnelian) 

Creativity (Solar Plexus Chakra Oil w/ Citrine) 

Love (Heart Chakra Oil w/Rose Quartz & Prehnite

Express (Throat Chakra Oil w/Aquamarine & Blue Lace Agate

Wisdom (Third Eye Chakra Oil w/Lapis Lazuli & Amethyst

Light (Crown Chakra Oil w/Amethyst & Clear Quartz)