Chamomile Tincture

Chamomile Tincture


2 oz Crystal Infused Alcohol Free Chamomile Tincture

*Infused with Rose Quartz and Amethyst to induce its calming and anti -depressant energy.

Chamomile is a well known calming herb that relaxes the nerves in both adults and children. Chamomile also:

  • Induces and improves the quality of sleep

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Has great benefits on the digestive system

  • Reduces anxiety and depression

  • Can help rid parasites in the gut

  • Helps to relieve menstrual cramps

  • Eases symptoms of PMS and PMDD

  • Ease headaches

  • Helps to reduce gas and colic in infants

  • Soothes baby’s teething gums

Made with Organic Chamomile Flowers and vegetable glycerin. Vegan friendly! Alcohol free.

This tincture is slightly sweet and can be taken straight out of the dropper or diluted in 2 oz of water 1-3 times a day or as needed. Take a full dropper before bedtime to induce sleep and a good night’s rest. For teething babies, put a few drops on clean fingers and rub onto baby’s gums.

**Chamomile may trigger an allergic reaction to people who have allergies to ragweed, chyrsanthemums, marigolds, and daisies.

**Chamomile interacts with drugs Warfarin and Cyclosporine. Do not take Chamomile with these medicines.

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