Children's Healing Necklace

Children's Healing Necklace


Children need healing too! These crystals carry different healing properties to suite a child's needs. 

Each necklace is made of oxidized copper which a crystal of your choice. (read below to find one that fits your child).

Comes with slip knot necklace style

****Made preferably for ages 3 and up. Please be cautious when buying for children younger than 3 as string around a child's neck could potentially become a choking hazard. Do not place around the neck of an infant.****

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AMETHYST: Amethyst is a master healer, a protective stone and can bring one into higher vibrations. It can purify and transmit negative energy. It is useful for children who are experiencing the transition (death) of a loved one as it alleviates sadness and grief. With calming abilities, it also helps children who has nightmares or trouble falling asleep. Dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety.

BLACK TOURMALINE: Black tourmaline is a great protection stone. It forms a protective sheild around the body blocking negative energy of all kind. Useful for empathic or sensitive children who take on other people's energy. Also excellent for children who see spirits or show prophetic/intuitive abilities at an early age. It dispels fears, grounds energy, and balances emotions. It also protects against electrical smog and radiation from such things as cell phones and tv.

RED JASPER: Red Jasper is a nuturing protective stone and encourages strength. It is a confidence builder and is useful for children who are bullied and teased in school. Helps to alleviate worry, soothe the nerves and restore balance.

AQUAMARINE: Aquamarine is a calming, soothing, and cleansing crystal. It is excellent for children who have experienced traumatic situations and are acting/speaking out aggressively as a result. Helps to open communication in a calming way. Helps to overcome the fear of speaking. Heals the affects of overly judgmental people whose standards may seem impossible to meet. Useful in calming children who are afraid of water.

ROSE QUARTZ: Rose Quartz is a love crystal. This crystal can help children who have experienced broken bonds with a love one or who feels a missing gap of love or nurturing they didn't receive. It also helps to strengthen bonds between a child and parent. It helps those who have experienced trauma or crisis. Helps soothes a broken heart shattered by seeing raw reality. Useful for hyperactive children soothing erratic states, anxiety and fear. Good for children who are in need of stronger hearts.

JADE (NEPHRITE): Jade is a supportive and protective stone. It is calms the nerves and soothes the emotions. Good for emotionally sensitive children helping their feelings to not overwhelm them. It is useful for children when away from home and family, especially during hospital stays. It helps to guard against illnesses. As a travel stone, it helps guard children from being hurt or straying while on a journey. It signifies peace through strength and can also help children in homes or other occupations where they encounter bullying from violent children. Enhances confidence, self-assurance, and self-reliance.

HEMATITE: Hematite is a grounding and protective stone. It helps to dissolve negative energy and restores peace and balance to the body. This stone supports timid children and boosts self-esteem and confidence. A strong yang (masculine) element, it helps to balance yin (feminine) imbalances. Helps to stimulate concentration, focus, memory, and original thought. Helps strengthen blood and issues with anemia and absorbtion of iron.

GREEN AVENTURINE: Aventurine is a stone of opportunity. It enhances leadership qualities, especially in children who are shy, timid, or who aren't maximizing full leadership potential. It helps one to move forward with confidence and embrace change. Enhances intellectual development of children struggling with schoolwork and destructive hyperactivity. Helps to soothe quick tempers. Asthmatic children tend to draw to this stone. Brings optimizm and a zest for life.

TIGER'S EYE: Tiger's eye helps to balance emotional extremes, scattered thoughts and feelings, and helps for children to make sense of things. Brings about focus and stability. Helps to overcome fear during exams, competitions, and public performances. Helps children to step out of the box in order to grow in artistic and creative talents. Unblocks creativity. Sharpens the senses and helps children to pay attention to detail. Provides support for children who fear making the wrong decisions. Reduces anxiety caused by feelings of isolation or inadequacy. Helps to overcome discouragement.

MOONSTONE: Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. It is strongly connected to the moon and to intuition. It enhances intuition and clairvoyance abilities and when worn encourages acceptance of those gifts. It calms overreactions to situations and emotional triggers. It balances male-female energies in excessively masculine or aggressive boys and girls. It soothes emotional instabilities. Also eases menstrual related issues, especially in young girls who are early bloomers.

Children can be very connected to the earth. As they are learning and growing, they are becoming aware of the world around them with new experiences and growing emotions. Crystals are a good way to help them stay connected to earth, help them learn how to balance emotions, and can put them on a higher vibration as they learn what crystals are for. Especially telling them how special they are to wear one. You can teach your child to be conscious of their crystal, close their eyes and hold it when going thru something that matches the crystal properties and what it is to be used for. That gets them to resonate and program the crystal when needed while helping them to be conscious of balancing emotions. Learning how to do this on their own at an early age promotes healthy accountable adults in the future. I am a strong believer in children learning to balance and be aware as early as you can get them to. Simple jewelry with powerful words is a great way to start.