Cleanse: Sage Spray

Cleanse: Sage Spray

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White Sage Spray infused with Black Tourmaline & Quartz for protection, cleansing, and to clear negative energy. Great alternative to burning sage. When in need of cleansing and can't burn, just spray! 

Available in 20ml travel size, 2 oz and 4 oz bottles

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White sage is highly recommended in cleansing and purifying negative energy from your space and to cleanse crystals. This spray is perfect for anyone that doesn't like the smell of smoke, or who may be in smoke sensitive areas, such as work, a car, hospital, or public places. Black Tourmaline is used to deflect and dispel negative energy. It neutralizes one's own negative thoughts and conflicts. It channels healing light throughout the body. Provides protection from "emotional vampires". Empowering to those who must work or live in challenging environments.