Grounding: Root Chakra Oil

Grounding: Root Chakra Oil

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Grounding Root Chakra Oil

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Grounding (Root Chakra Oil w/ Red Jasper and Black Tourmaline) A rich earth and wood scent to dispel fears and help one feel more secure and grounded in the present. The root chakra is the foundation for the other 6 chakras and it important that this chakra is balanced. A balanced root chakra can help one get a grip on fears and feel more present and aware within the body. This blend of oil helps one to a clear mind in use of meditation. Infused with crystal healing energies of Red Jasper and Black Tourmaline, it will help to relieve worrying, calm stress, absorb negative energy during times of stress, and provide protection in stressful environments and against emotional vampires that can drain one's energy. Use this oil when fears are overwhelming, or simply when you want to feel connected to the earth. Use in meditation or everyday use to help bring the root chakra into balance. Click here to read more about the root chakra.

Available in a 10ml roll-on bottle with stainless steel ball, 3ml roller or 1ml roller bottle

Not recommended for use during pregnancy

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