House Energy Clearing Kit

House Energy Clearing Kit

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House Energy Clearing Kit comes with:

5 oz Lavender scented Pink Himilayan Salt

0.3 oz of Loose Leaf California White Sage or 20 ml Cleanse sage spray

4 standalone Black Tourmaline Crystals cleansed, charged and ready for use

Pouch for Crystals

Instructions for use

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Dwelling places get stuffed with old or stagnant energy and needs to be cleared. This energy can come from stress or depression, people who come to visit, energy that you may pick up from the work place or store and track back in your home, energy from shoes, and releasing coming out of old cycles and entering new ones. This house energy clearing kit is design to cleanse and purify this energy.

Pink Himilayan Salt, when placed on the floor, absorbs negative energy from the room. Scented with lavender adds not only a refreshing scent but a calming effect that's good for stress and depression.

Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy and blocks negative energy from entering into your space. It acts as a force feild for the room.

Burning sage clears and purifies negative energy from a room, crystals, and your aura.