Intuition Support Pouch

Intuition Support Pouch


The Intuition support pouch helps to open and balance one into their intuitive or psychic abilities. You may need this pouch is you feel:

  • Disconnected from your higher self

  • Make a lot of unfavorable decisions

  • Feel tired, sluggish or unmotivated

  • Need to see clearly about people and situations

  • Want to advance spiritual work

  • Need interpretation and understanding to things going on around you or dreams

  • Confused, misguided, or feel a lost sense of hope

  • Overly emotional that blocks intuition and seeing

This pouch contains the following 7 crystals:

  • Selenite- Protective, shields a person or space from outside influences, dispels negative energy, help to connect to one’s guides, consciousness or Higher Self, brings deep peace and sense of tranquility, supports mental clarity, clears confusion, removes energy blockages. (do not use water, always keep dry)

  • Celestite- Heightens divine intuition, provides peace and harmony, connects one to higher frequencies, relieves stress, anxiety and obsessive behaviors, brings mental clarity even in the middle of traumatic experiences, inspires deep relaxation

  • Amethyst- Clears negative energy, opens one to receive long awaited answers, increases vibration, gives support to grief and depressive states, helps to prevent nightmares, helps break unhealthy addictive habits.

  • Kyanite- Supports all chakras, opens the channels of communication to the spirit world, helps stop self-destructive habits, excellent for meditation and attunement, dispels blockages, aid the development of spiritual and psychic gifts.

  • Moonstone- Enhances intuition, helps to accept change and alleviate the fear of it, balances, calms and soothes the emotions, helps to master emotions by bringing them under control of your Higher Will.

  • Jade- releases negative thoughts, soothes the mind, releases suppressed emotions, calming, helps to recall dreams, helps to access the spiritual world.

  • Black Tourmaline- Helps clear and protect from negative energy and help balance intuition with grounding, clears energetic channels, helps protect from negative people’s energy.

Crystals come cleared and energized and comes with a satin sachet for storage.

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