Jade Yoni Egg

Jade Yoni Egg

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Authentic and certified Jade (Nephrite) Yoni Egg (Large)

***GIA Certified

Jade healing properties include:

  • dream solving and clarity
  • encourages creativity
  • gives insight to knowledge and the spiritual world
  • heals feelings of guilt and defeatism
  • supportive to the heart chakra and new love
  • provides protection, peace and tranquility
  • soothes the mind 
  • releases negative thoughts

Your yoni egg comes with satin pouch and full instructions for use.

Skyy Crystals takes diligent care in preparing your Yoni Eggs. Your Yoni Egg has gone through extensive cleansing, clearing, and charging. They are also blessed by channeling healing life force energy to assist you in your personal healing. Let the healing begin. Peace, Love, and Light.

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Some Jade eggs are being sold as Jade but may be Green Aventurine or "New Jade" which is actually a crystal called Serpentine. This Jade Yoni egg has been sold by a reputable seller known for the authentification and certification of its Jade eggs with GIA reports.