Light: Crown Chakra Oil

Light: Crown Chakra Oil

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Light Crown Chakra Oil

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Light (Crown Chakra Oil w/Amethyst and Clear Quartz) The soothing flowery scented blend of therapeutic grade essential oils is excellent for energy relaxation and reaching higher planes in meditation. The crown chakra is responsible for our connection to our higher selves and the Divine consciousness. It helps us to be spiritually interconnected to the oneness with everyone and everything. This oil blend can help to clear your mind from negative thought patterns and clutter, helping one to make the connections to the crown chakra and higher realms. Infused with Amethyst and Clear Quartz, it will increase spirituality and enhance intuitive powers of all kinds. Both crystals help to absorb and relieve negativity from the aura. Clear Quartz helps the crown chakra light energy to resonate throughout the rest of the 6 chakras and magnetizes amethyst healing energy. Click here to read more on the Crown Chakra.

Available in 10ml roll-on bottle with stainless steel ball, or a 1ml roller bottle

Not recommended for use during pregnancy

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