Love: Heart Chakra Oil

Love: Heart Chakra Oil

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Love Heart Chakra Oil

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Love Heart chakra oil infused with crystals Rose Quartz and Prehnite has a beautiful, soothing blossoming scent. This oil can help to soothe and relax one's energy inspring romance, poetic feelings, and love of self. The heart chakra is our connection to compassion and the love we have for ourselves and others. A healthy heart chakra helps us to radiate love, peace and forgiveness and open one up to recieve love, peace and deep emotional healing in return. Infused with crystal healing energies of Rose Quartz and Prehnite will help to open one to love, forgiveness, healing, and give one the sense of inner knowing and spiritual growth. It can aslo assist one in forming healthy happy bond with others including new mothers to their newborn children. Great to use in times where heart healing is needed and one may feel stressed or pained due to relationship issues or matters of the heart. Also to get to the root cause of what is ailing the heart. Use in meditation or everyday use to help bring the heart chakra into balance. Click here to read more about the heart chakra.

*Rose Quartz is a premier stone of love. It comforts and heals deep wounds that the heart has suffered. It desolves sorrows, worries, fears, and resentments that supresses the hearts abilitiy to give and recieve love. A nurturer, it promotes bonding and strengthening of relationships.

*Prehnite assists one in connecting to higher planes and links the heart with your will to live life from a heart based perspective. It enhances precognition and inner knowing. It is calming and brings peace and protection. It also assists one in letting go of possessions that are no longer needed that one may hold on to because of love or an inner lack.

Available in a 10ml roll-on bottle with stainless steel ball, or a 1ml roller bottle

Not intended to replace the advice of a health professional. Please read Disclaimer by clicking here

Not recommended for use during pregnancy