Onyx Yoni Egg

Onyx Yoni Egg


Onyx Yoni Egg (Large)


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Onyx is a stone of strength. It absorbs and transforms negative energy. It provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances and during times of enormous mental or physical stress. It prevents the draining of personal energy and fosters one in decision making. It is excellent for centering and the alignment of the total person with a Higher Power and heightening one's intuition and instinct. Onyx Helps one to become the master of their own future as it encourages a healthy egotism and supports self-confidence. It balances the male and female polarities (duality) within oneself and helps to regain emotional balance. It pushes one to elevate above fear and worry and anchors the "flighty" into a more stable way of life and imparts self-control.

Your yoni egg comes with satin pouch and full instructions for use.

Skyy Crystals takes diligent care in preparing your Yoni Eggs. Your Yoni Egg has gone through extensive cleansing, clearing, and charging. They are also blessed by channeling healing life force energy to assist you in your personal healing. Let the healing begin. Peace, Love, and Light.