'Protect' Crystal Infused Mosquito Spray

'Protect' Crystal Infused Mosquito Spray

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PROTECT is an all natural insect repellent made from essential oils known to keep mosquitoes and bugs away and prevent them from biting. This formula is safe for pregnant woman and children. It also helps stop the itching and irritation from previous bites. A pleasant smelling spray without the use of chemicals thats safe for you and your family!

This spray also comes infused with black tourmaline (included) which is effective for cleaning and protecting one from negative energy in the aura.

Made with Geranium, Citronella, and other essential oils. No Neem or Peppermint oils.

**New size** 20ml, 2 oz and 4 oz bottles

No Alcohol

Safe for children

Vegan product


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I personally love this blend of essential oils and have found this spray to be very effective. I live near a lake and as the temperature cools, mosquitoes are beginning to thrive in my area. Having done some research, I came up with a blend of therapeutic grade essential oils that are well known for repelling insects and also pleasant to the senses. Having a small child to protect as well as myself, I spray this on before we leave the house. NO itching! I choose natural any day over chemicals that are easily absorbed into the skin!

Purified Water, Witch Hazel, Essential Oil Blend