Protecting Black Tourmaline Necklace

Protecting Black Tourmaline Necklace


Black Tourmaline resonates with the root chakra and is excellent for protection and absorbtion of negative energy. It clears and balances all the chakras and forms a protective sheild around the body. It is also a shamanic stone and provides protection during ritual practices. Black tourmatine protects against cell phones, electromagnetic smog, radiation, psychic attacks, spells and ill-wishing, and negative energies of all kinds. It helps to protect one from "emotional vampires" that drain one's energy. Useful in stressful home or work environments. It helps one to overcome fears and feel more secure. Black tourmaline encourages a positive attitude and outlook no matter the circumstances.

Made with natural copper and oxidized

Comes with a copper chain. Black cord can be exchanged by request

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