Psychic Protection/Enhancement Bracelet

Psychic Protection/Enhancement Bracelet


Psychic Protection and Enhancement bracelet is made of crystals Larvakite, Onyx, Amethyst, and Black Tourmaline. Each crystal has strong protection energy and assists in intuition, elevation and connection with the Divine Universe. It's benefits:

  • helps prevent psychic attacks

  • protects from negative people, energy, and black magic

  • helps increase intuition and spiritual connection

  • motivates spiritual awareness and growth

  • grounds and protects astral travelers from negative forces

  • transforms lower energies into higher energies

  • activates the 3rd eye and crown chakras

  • grounds and stabilizes the root chakra

  • stimulates inner visions and all psychic abilities

  • strengthens self-confidence

  • provides clarity to visions and past life recall

  • facilitates a strong connection to Earth energies

Slip knot bracelet

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