Relief Immune Support Spray

Relief Immune Support Spray


Relief Spray is an all natural immune support spray formulated to be safe for children and adults. Made of therapeutic grade essential oils and infused with Rose Quartz and Blue Lace Agate to help protect from cold and flu germs.

  • No artificial ingredients
  • No alcohol

**For external use only. Not intended for internal use**

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Cold and Flu season has arrived. What better way than to prepare and fight viruses and bacteria naturally! Relief Spray is an all natural therapeutic grade essential oil blend formulated for children and adults. Each essential oil carries antiviral and antibacterial properties that help to provide immune support as the body fights off germs and viruses. Manuka, Tea tree (Maleleuca), & Cinnamon oils add extra viral and bacterial protection for the immune system. Crystal infused with Rose Quartz and Blue Lace Agate to energetically stimulate the heart and throat chakras. Rose Quartz supports the heart chakra and the ability to pull in love energy. With its connections to the immune system, when the heart chakra is closed or out of balance it can make us vulnerable to excess mucus, colds, and the flu. Blue Lace Agate supports the throat chakra, mouth, throat, and thyroid. It is a nuturing and supportive stone that neutralizes anger and counteracts repression and suppression of feelings out of fear. When the throat chakra is close or unbalanced we can be vulnerable to ear aches, sore throats, and sinus infections. Relief Spray assists in bringing the body back to balance both physically and energetically.