'Subconscious Healing' Root Chakra Men's Bracelet

'Subconscious Healing' Root Chakra Men's Bracelet


Work on subconscious issues that may be keeping your root chakra off balanced or closed. Made with stones of lava stone, onyx, and red tiger's eye for root chakra healing.

This bracelet is also a diffuser bracelet and can be used with the Grounding Root Chakra Oil. Just apply oil over the lava stones and allow the fragrance to soak in.

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Lava Stone: Calms the emotions (lava is hot molten liquid cooled into a stone) Its energy is raw having come from the center of the earth's core and calls us to search deep within our core to shed layers of emotional attachments. Stone of rebirth.

Red Tiger's Eye: Helps to increase confidence and self esteem. It provides motivation to the non-motivated and stimulates energy. A survival stone, it can help one with the correct use of power for survival in difficult times. Stumulates vitality and sex drive.

Black Onyx: Powerful for protection and grounding. It not only absorbs energy but transforms negative energy as well. It provides support for self discipline issues. Can be useful for healing old wounds and past life issues. Helps one to become the master of their own future.

Ankh: Symbol of eternal life and balance of masculine/feminine, light/dark, conscious/subconscious energies.

Issues (moderate to severe): fear, anger, aggression, low confidence, attachment to material things, self-worthlessness, lethargy, low energy, low sex drive, controlling, instability, insecure, aloof.