Ruby Necklace

Ruby Necklace

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Ruby has always been a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity. Here are some other attributes it carries:

  • Stimulates the root chakra

  • Stimulates the flow of life force energy or chi throughout the body

  • Strengthens the ability to manifest one’s desires and needs

  • Encourages one to share love energy in despite past hurts

  • Helps the transmutation of anger and negative energy

  • Brings out positive aspects in one’s character

  • Overcomes fears of being unloved

  • Balances and strengthens the heart

  • Sharpens the mind

  • Deepens a couple’s relationship and encourages closeness and commitment

  • Help to overcome lethargy and exhaustion

  • Aids in retaining wealth and passion

*Copper and silver wiring

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