Spiritual Bath Cleansing Package

Spiritual Bath Cleansing Package

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Spiritual baths help to cleanse residual, stagnant, and negative energy collected over a period of time in one’s aura. Having negative energies within your aura can cause you to become stagnant or leave you feeling confused, stuck, and unbalanced. A Spiritual bath is to help cleanse away negative energy and give you a fresh start. Especially during periods of darkness at times when a clear head is needed to focus on a new path or direction, and also be open to receive answers that are needed towards your journey.

This package includes:

  • 6 oz Pink Himalayan salt with lavender essential oil

  • Sage STICKS

  • 0.3 oz Loose leaf white sage

  • 20 ml Relax spray

  • 3 bags of relaxing crystal infused tea

  • Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Labradorite, and Smoky Quartz (all raw not polished)

  • Instructions for how to use and set intentions for your spiritual bath

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Rose Quartz:  Heart Chakra: Purifies and opens the heart, loving self (and others), forgiving self (and others), healing a broken heart and/or old wounds, excellent for trauma or crisis, enhances positive affirmations. Good to use after ending a relationship, when vulnerable to the wrong type of relationship, when thinking negatively about yourself, when in need of self-discipline, when needing to form healthy bonds with others (especially children).

Smoky Quartz: Root Chakra: Known as a stone of power. Relieves fear, tension, stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Wards off negative thinking. Blocks geopathic stress and absorbs electromagnetic smog given off by electronics. Enhances survival instincts. Helps to manifest dreams and ideas into reality. Shields against hostility or gossip in the workplace. Increases focus. Dissolves negative energy and emotional blockages. Teaches one how to let go of what is no longer necessary for growth.

Amethyst: 3rd eye & Crown Chakras: Soothes the mind and emotions, raises vibration, protects against psychic attack, uplifts depression, helps with insomnia and bad dreams, eases mental anxieties, soothes grief from loss of things or loved ones, helps overcome addition to drinking and drugs. Use when needing to find the root cause of negative or unfavorable behaviors, when over emotional about any situation, when clear thinking is needed over emotion, when needing to receive answers from your higher-self, when grieving the loss of a loved one, if drinking excessively, when in need of deep meditation, for peace of mind.

Labradorite: Throat & 3rd Eye Chakras: Enhances mental and intuitive abilities of prophecy, clairvoyance, and telepathy, assists in communication with higher guides and spirits, calms an overactive mind, helps protect and eliminate emotional drain of daily routines and responsibilities, imparts strength and perseverance, balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. Best to use to heighten psychic and spiritual abilities and awareness, when needing to connect to spirit guides, to protect from energy drainage, before a spiritual healing session, when feeling overwhelmed with spiritual (and physical) responsibilities, when feeling spiritually disconnected (or drained).

Black Tourmaline: Root Chakra: Absorbs, releases, and protects from negative energy, powerful grounding stone connecting earth and human spirit, promotes a sense of power and self-confidence, provides protection during ritual work, soothes panic attacks, cleanses and purifies the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger, and/or feelings of unworthiness, releases suicidal thoughts or self-harming tendencies, inspires a positive attitude, protects against emotional vampires and unfavorable work and home situations, helps to eliminate fears. Best to use when feeling overwhelmed with negative energy, overwhelmed with work or living conditions, when needing to feel grounded, after psychic work, after energy healing session, when over-emotional or having self-defeating thoughts, to cleanse from energy vampires/leeches, to protect your aura, to feel connected with the earth.

All Crystals are cleansed and charged with healing energy by customer/order.

White Sage: Use to cleanse negative and unwanted energy from the space and aura. Provides a peaceful vibe and pulls one into spiritual awareness.

Pink Himalayan Salt with Lavender: Helps to relieve stress, detoxifies body and mental/spiritual energies, promotes good sleep, calming, increases circulation, helps fight depression, provides trace minerals back to the body, draws off overloads of positive ions that causes stress.

Sticks: Sage sticks poured as a tea bath helps to draw off negative energy from the body and aura, stimulates healthy skin regeneration, deep spiritual cleanse.

Crystal infused Chamomile and Mint tea: stress relieving and promotes good restful sleep, calms the nervous system, refreshing, eases headaches, promotes a sense of love for self, increases spiritual vibration. (Contains crystals amethyst and rose quartz)

Relax spray: Eases depression, stress relieving, calms the mind and emotional body, promotes good and restful sleep, clears negative energy, increases vibration from  low states, help to release negative thinking.