A healer can come in many different forms and on many different levels. A healer can eleviate the pain of a person on spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical planes. Healing begins on the etheric level of a person's being, the energy that connects us all to the Universe. On deeper levels, a healer understanding how this energy ties into every aspect of life and passing on wisdom gained is a very effective form of healing. It can help others connect the dots to their own intuitive process and journey. For others to believe in your healing, you must apply these principles in your own life, and then you can passionately and compassionately understand how to help others. It is through understanding your own suffering, through lack of simply not knowing or understanding, that you want others to learn and grow as you have. It is through unlocking the subconscious and facing our inner truths that we begin to understand ourselves. We become the light in our own darkness. A healer is the light that helps you find your own.

I began my crystal jewelry journey in efforts to open people to natural healing that is beautiful and serves a greater purpose. I am able to share, not just my talents, but the spiritual wisdom I have gained through living my life and constantly searching for my own truth and understanding. On my quest, I was led to this path of healing. Making crystal jewelry, learning the properties of each crystal and how they work through our chakras and energy system, has opened me to deeper levels of understanding and taught me how to directly channel healing energy into the jewelry I make. Each piece is created in this sole purpose. My goal is to heal and create a channel for people to want to heal themselves.

For 17 years I had been under the instructions and teachings of a very powerful healer and prophetess, Ms. Azeckah Rose. Through her, I witnessed the power of healing through channeling, prophecies, and subconscious therapy that well prepared me to harness my natural healing abilities. I am forever grateful for my teacher and know that she is still with me through her transition and return to the universal energy. I believe it is my calling to carry out the things I have been taught and to continue learning and evolving into the healer she opened me to be.

In Memory of Lisa Azeckah Rose (7/31/73 - 12/16/14)