Yoni Eggs

The word Yoni is a Hindu (Indian) term meaning “Sacred Space” or “Source of all Life”. To understand your vagina as being a sacred place is understanding its rightful purpose. Understanding this space to be sacred transforms the negative energy society has place on it, the abuse and misuse, and helps create the mental and spiritual space of power, because powerful is she! It is highly important that you build a healthy relationship with your yoni.

Yoni eggs (also known as Jade eggs) are egg shaped crystals that are used for the purpose of healing on the physical and spiritual aspects. Egg shaped crystals confine and shape energy and can be used to detect and re-balance blockages in the body.

Physically Yoni eggs can:

Help you build a healthy and loving relationship with your yoni, entire body, and yourself.

Tighten the vaginal walls. It also awakens the vaginal tissues, muscles, organs, and promote new nerve growth increasing overall sensitivity. This can help you with experiencing new levels or orgasmic pleasure.

Increase your libido and awaken your sensuality and creativity.

Stimulate acupressure points of the organs in the vagina.

Strengthen the pelvic floor to help with incontinence and prevent future issues such as prolapse.

Help you to gain control over your vaginal muscles. When these muscles and pelvic floor is strong it helps to prevent the leakage of vital life force and sexual energy.

Makes way for an easier childbirth and less tearing during delivery. After giving birth, yoni eggs can help to repair vaginal muscles and nerve endings, and help toward a speedy recovery.

Increase natural lubrication, even during/after menopause. Helps to balance estrogen levels.

Reduce PMS, menstrual cramps, and breast discomfort.

Spiritually Yoni eggs can:

Help you connect to your divine being, inner voice and intuitions

Help balance emotional extremes such as anger, depression, sulkiness

Allow you to open your energy to receive answers from your higher-self

Help you to release negative or unwanted energy, especially dealing with trauma and sexual abuse, past lovers, negative thought patterns, and self-defeating patterns

Increase energy frequencies and vibrations

Be used during meditation, yoga, and tantric practices

Balance chakras

Heal trauma and subconscious issues

As for spiritual healing, the type of crystal would be chosen for the specific healing you would need. You want to be sure to choose a crystal that resonates to the type of healing you need most. It can be one egg or several that you alternate as needed. To connect to our higher-selves, negative thoughts and subconscious energies must be cleared. Sometimes our channels become “clogged” with these energies and act as blockages in receiving the messages we need. This can stagnate us and keep us from getting to higher levels thus interfering with loving self. As you are clearing, you may experience an emotional shift as these subconscious issues are being revealed. Your yoni egg provides emotional and spiritual support in being able to effectively clear the energy, providing strength and higher energetic vibrations. Also the properties of the crystal can help us to specifically channel these energies. Yoni eggs help to “breakthrough” those negative energies and reach a point of healing. It may take one session or a few. Be patient with your yoni egg and your own personal healing. Practice the art of accepting and releasing of energy, thoughts, patterns and habits.

How to use your Yoni Egg:

        Before you begin using your yoni egg it is important to cleanse your yoni egg with a good sage smudging. Burn white sage in a safe burning container and allow the smoke to envelop your yoni egg while you send forth the intentions of it being cleansed and prepared to use.

Next you want to set the intentions of the crystal to resonate with your body. Hold your yoni egg in your left hand and hover your right hand over top of it. Visualize light coming in though the top of your head and down to where the crystal is as if being poured out of your right hand. Ask the crystal to work in its divine favor to help you with whatever energies you need to receive or release. You can also think of its specific properties as though awakening them for your sacred use. This is channeling and connecting with your crystal.

After connecting with your yoni egg, it is time to insert it into your yoni. Take a few deep relaxing breaths and get into a comfortable position for insertion. This can be laying down on your back or a squatting position. There is no wrong way for this process, it is what’s most comfortable with you. With the larger size facing your yoni (which is the typical position, however if your energy tells you to put the smaller side in first then listen to your energy), slowly push your yoni egg in. Your yoni may have a vacuum like affect and suck it in and find its own comfortable resting spot or you can guide your yoni egg to the position you desire. It’s as if you are putting your most valuable possession in the safe of the universe within your body. If after it is in place you do not “feel” it, it is perfectly ok. Due to your pelvic floor and reproductive organs the egg CANNOT get lost in your vagina or body. Relax and let the energy work its way through.

You can wear your yoni egg as long as you wish. This can be for a day to several days. Most women like to wear it until their body and energy is ready to pass the egg out. This is all fine as well. When your body is done with it she will “give birth” to the yoni egg. To remove your egg, you can get in a squatting position and gently push or bear down as if having a bowel movement. If it does not come out immediately do not panic! Every woman’s yoni is shaped different and some may just need the assistance of fingers to guide the egg out. You can also lay on your back with your knees up and push gently as well. Do not be afraid of your sacred space. You can learn a lot about your yoni during the process. How she accepts and holds the yoni egg and how she releases it. Take notes of these details and track your progress if you like.

**Side note: when having to use the potty for a number 2, don’t forget you have your yoni egg in! Be cautious of pushing it out and it falling in the toilet. Not a pleasant experience to put your hand in the toilet to save it! Lol. You can cup your hand over your yoni or hold your finger on it to keep it from coming out. Whatever is comfortable to you.

After removal, cleanse well with soap and water. You may choose to sage right afterwards. You can also put some sea salt in a bowl of water and rest your yoni egg in it for cleansing. Placing your egg in sunlight and moonlight can also recharge them.

**Not recommended for use during pregnancy**