California White Sage

White sage, or Salvia Apiana, is a native plant that grows mainly in California. It has always been considered to be sacred, purifying, cleansing, and protective. Burning white sage is an excellent way to cleanse and purify negative energy from around your body, home, crystals, and wherever else you choose to smudge. Native Americans have traditionally used sage in ritualistic practices to ward off negative spirits and energies, to increase health and prosperity, and to bring about protection. As you are smudging, added with your intent, the spirit of sage can cleanse and amplify the energy of your crystals and space. 

Here are a few suggestions for when to use white sage:

  • After prolonged use of wearing crystals
  • Before and after guests leave your home
  • Before going to work
  • While at work
  • Before going to bed
  • When your house feels "stuffy"
  • If you are bogged down with negative energy
  • Before and after a healing session
  • Before and during meditation
  • Before moving into a new living space
  • Taking a relaxing bath
  • After an argument
  • When feeling angry
Organic California White Sage
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Premium loose leaf organic white sage.

Shipped fresh from California. 

All leaf, no stem

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White Sage STICKS

White sage stems carry a lot of oil from the sage plant that could be used in water for clearing. When boiling STICKS, as the oils are released through steam, it gives off the pleasant aroma of sage as it cleanses the energy in your home just as smudging would do. Use Sage sticks to:

  • Boil and steam spaces for clearing
  • Cleanse Yoni Eggs
  • Make a bath tea to cleanse negative energy and relax

Available in 0.5 oz bags

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