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Yoni egg vs. Toilet


Oops, there goes my yoni egg!!

If you own a yoni egg, by now you are aware of the toilet bowl vs yoni egg war. There are times when we may have completely forgotten we are wearing it and have gone to pee to hear that dreadful "clang-plop". Have no fear! When you learn to recognize your vaginal muscles, you will learn how to prevent this war on gravity. When wearing your yoni egg, it is a perfect time to pay close attention to detail as to how it sits (or comes out of) your body. As you are sitting and releasing, at what time do you feel your egg about to slide out? The only way to figure this out is to concentrate on what happens -not fear it. Take note of how your body feels in the surrounding area of muscles. Do you feel pressure all around, or do you feel pressure in a localized spot? Next pay attention to just your vaginal muscles (your egg helps you to do this). Feel your vaginal muscles separate from the surrounding muscles or pressure. The pressure of your bladder releasing will usually push down on the egg and push it out. 

How to save the egg…

This is an exercise to master while wearing your yoni egg and to control the number of times you have to reach in "au toilette". When you start to feel that pressure, center yourself into where your vaginal muscles are and feel your egg. Pee as you normally would, taking note of how open or closed your vaginal muscles feel. Hold your vaginal muscles around your yoni egg while allowing yourself to pee in a relaxed state. When (or if) you feel your egg sliding out, tighten your vaginal muscles in a kegel contraction. This will stop the flow of urine but only for a moment to work those muscles to bring your yoni egg back up. This is a form of vaginal training (in the most inconvenient of situations!). This may take you a few tries but you will soon learn how to control your vaginal muscles. Become aware of your changes and take notes. Now as for the number 2, it may take a bit longer to control your egg because bearing down is also how you release your egg. However it can be done! Until you are confident enough to try, having mastered the above, you can choose to remove it and re-insert your egg when done, or urinate first and place a clean finger on your egg to prevent it from coming out. And of course wash your hands when done! Happy Yoni training!!

yoni and toilet.png